Head Instructor

Jestyn Cummings

BJJ Black Belt

USJA Shodan/Black Belt


Foster BJJ

Gym Location

Tacoma, WA

What to know

A nurse practitioner by day, a superhero by night. Jestyn specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine, so you're never far away from help after or during class. A true student in every sense of the word, Jestyn is always learning and applying his knowledge from multiple avenues. Whether he's practicing his medical knowledge, coaching judo or jiu jitsu to his students or banging away on the drums in his band Watch Rome Burn, I've never seen someone more on the go and willing to take the time to help others than this guy. A modern day Clark Kent who carries a stethoscope.

Coach Jestyn, a lifelong martial artist who has trained in Shotokan, American Kempo and Judo, was in search of a system which offered true utility and effectiveness. BJJ met that criteria and armed with a garage dojo and some VHS tapes, his BJJ journey began. He started formally training in 2001 with Rodrigo Lopes and was left without a gym for a while before starting at Foster BJJ in 2004.

The sense of camaraderie and community, as well as being one of the most effective self-defense martial arts he's participated in, has kept Coach Jestyn on the mats. Even with over 20 years of training under his belt, he's still excited by the innovation and creativity BJJ promotes on top of being an excellent workout.

Coach Jestyn holds the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as a USJA SHODAN/black belt in judo. Outside of martial arts, he works as a nurse practitioner with a practice in West Tacoma focused on orthopedics and sports medicine. You'll often see him working as medical personnel for local BJJ tournaments and events.

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