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What do belts mean in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

What do the belts mean in BJJ, what are the implications of advancing and rank, and one of the foundational concepts that underpin the BJJ belt ranking system?

Effective & Efficient BJJ

Should drilling be a thing of the past in BJJ? Is positional sparring the only way to learn? We’re going to explore these concepts and more in this video.

BJJ vs Judo - gentle art vs gentle way

Both judo and BJJ are phenomenal martial arts with a lot to offer, plenty of real world application – what are some key differences, and how has one big difference in the culture and politics of each art affecting each sport?

Fight yourself…from the past to progress in BJJ

What are the best ways to measure progress in BJJ training – progress can be slow and frustrating at times; how can one keep focus, and continually reassess, improve and continue to reliably make progress?

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