Head Instructor

Rudy Gonzales

Brown Belt


Gym Location

Tacoma, WA

What to know

Don't let his infectious smile fool you! Rudy is a strong competitor and enjoys his daily dose of legs locks. He's always striving to improve his game and is dedicated to his craft.

Rudy is a fitness enthusiast who has been training in martial arts for almost 15 years. He began his journey in the garage with his father, learning the basics of weightlifting and soon after found himself competing against other up-and-coming athletes. It didn't take long before Rudy fell in love with martial arts and became dedicated to discovering ways of improving his performance both inside and outside of the training room.

He started out as an assistant grappling coach during his youth, expanding over to the personal training realm later on. Apart from being an avid competitor, Rudy's goal is to help others find the best version of themselves through physical fitness. He believes that with any challenge comes new abilities!

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