Head Instructor

Bingo Crook

3rd Degree Black Belt


Foster BJJ

Phantom BJJ AZ

Rebellion BJJ

Gym Location

Maple Valley, WA

What to know

If professor Xavior and the X-men were a real thing, this would be the place where Bingo always has something cookin in the lab! Leading his team including his wife Julie Anderson, Leo Porras, Rodney Vieira, Jamie Filer, Simone Lindstrom and Tyler Hayes, there's no shortage of talent and knowledge in this house.

With shields and comic souvenirs that adorn the walls, this hall of justice has no rest for the weary. You'll find yourself sweaty and tired at the end of class but always leaving with a big smile. That's because not only is the knowledge great but the people here are too.

Bingo Crook is a 3rd degree black belt under James '300' Foster out of Kent, WA. You will regularly find his team competing at the Revolution tournament, where the youngster enjoy putting on a show! Located in Maple Valley this schools has small town feel with big hug appeal.

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Phantom BJJ and Phantom Sports, Maple Valley, WA facility walkthrough.

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