Head Instructor

Mauro Oliveira

4th Degree Black Belt



Gym Location

Lynden, WA



What to know

Professor Mauro Oliveira is a 4th degree black belt born in Florianopolis. Brazil.

Professor Mauro had an opportunity to teach in Abu Dhabi at one of the largest Jiu Jitsu projects in the world teaching the army and special forces.

In 2016 Mauro settled in Dallas Texas. He began teaching and training several Jiu Jitsu competition athletes and MMA Fighters. Leading them to compete and win in their respective disciplines.

Opportunity once again led Professor Mauro to Washinghton expanding Jiu Jitsu in Whatcom county and making it a destination for good training. This lead to the opening of Classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu LLC that become BTT LYNDEN later. 

Professor Mauro is experienced in teaching kids, youth and adults. 

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