Head Instructors

Sam Campanella

3rd Degree Black Belt

Melissa Campanella

1st Degree Black Belt



Gym Location

Nampa, ID

What to know

Professor Sam Campanella is a former college football player who gained interest in BJJ after watching a youtube highlight of Dean Lister. Sam began training BJJ in 2006 and after moving to Bakersfield, CA in 2008 as a blue belt began training under TruJitsu Founder

Professor Matt Baker. Professor Sam received his Black

Belt on March 17, 2015.

Professor Melissa Campanella started training BJJ in 2010 after heavy influence from Professor Jill Baker. Melissa is a fitness fanatic who competes regularly in BJJ and can often times be spotted at a CrossFit gym or outdoors

exploring. Professor Melissa received her Black Belt on

December 5, 2020.

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